less stress and more success

Less Stress and More Success in 3 Easy Steps

Over the last 100 years things have changed a lot in the world. This change primarily has been from a lack of information meaning that it was incredibly hard for people to access information. Also for them to get a good education. When you add this to the fact of having to start with a local business, it was extremely difficult for anyone to work their way out of poverty and start a business. Let us now discuss 3 simple steps for less stress and more success.

Now it’s gone to the opposite extreme, it’s much easier to work your way out of poverty and start a business but we now we have too much information, we have access to all of the worlds information and there is just too much noise.

Also I would recommend before starting to check out the 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch which will help further this and of course give us a comment or a message if you have further questions.

I’ve been studying habits of successful people for years and trying to apply them to my life to see which ones work best and what I’ve come to realise if you follow four simple, logical and common sense methods in your life, everything else will fall into place.

Cut out the Noise

Having access to an insane amount of information is a good thing but processing all of it is too much and sifting through it is really hard. Another issue is that now we have a notification machine in our pockets constantly it’s difficult to focus. The first step to being more successful and more importantly, less stressed, in your life is to regulate the noise machine.

In terms of notifications, turn them all off and setup your phone so that you don’t get pinged by it ever. I want you to completely silence it so that the screen time is fully in your control. Then make sure that you only open it after you’ve done the tasks that are most important to your day.

I’ll give you an example, I get up at 5am every morning, but I don’t check my phone until 9am and my clients are aware of this by this stage. This means that by the time I get any negative news I’m ready for it. It has changed my life. You also need to realise that the people who create Facebook and Instagram have hired addiction specialists. This means that like any gambling platform or casino, it has been designed to keep you on the platform and addicted. Once you realise this, you will start making sure you don’t open these apps until a time where everything else in your day has been completed.

When it comes to information, start working on some key steps to ensure the data you are taking in is qualified, so when someone online talks about their million dollar business make sure you do some background checking to ensure you can trust the information you are getting because their million dollar business might be convincing you to pay them to learn another million dollar business that they’ve never created.

Only Focus on Today

This step is much simpler but don’t worry about tomorrow and only view yesterday as a way to learn from your mistakes. The bigger idea is that you cannot control what you do tomorrow or what happened yesterday and any issues that you can’t fix today, forget about them. Simple, see, less stress and more success.

If you just focus on what you can get done today, every day, trust me when you look back in a year you will be astonished by what you achieve over the course of a year.

If you have a lot of stress in your life, no matter whether it’s financial or not, then I want you to get this out of your mind by starting your day with writing down the three things you want to achieve today, then I write a couple of paragraphs one what is stressing you out right now.

Once this is done, then use the video above to do a quick 10 minute meditation, this will help you process these issues quickly and allow you to focus on your three top tasks for the day. You’re now closer to less stress and more success.

Stop setting constant goals

We are constantly told that the most successful people in the world are goal-orientated people. This is true but not in the way that the rest of us do it. What I mean by this is that successful people do have target metrics but this is done solely as a way to guage how things are going and adjust. They don’t set goals like: “I need to get 5 new clients this week,” this for them is a target metric for their team as a “our target is 5 this week.”

You might think that this is the same but the difference is, if that person hits 4 this week, it wasn’t a goal, it was a target. The key difference is that the implication in their mind is simply “ok, let’s see what went wrong and adjust our tactics next week” instead of getting stressed and feeling down that expectations were not met.

Successful people set their goals for the following; 6 months, 12 months, 36 months. These are lose goals that they are working towards that they only check at these intervals and adjust. There is a mental reason for this, if you create a lose long term goal, then your mind will start connecting the dots towards this and your day to day will work towards this but not have the stress each day when you don’t achieve your “daily goal” that you had before. Even closer to less stress and more success.

Compete only with yourself

Finally, the most successful people in the world know that to compete at a high level with anyone else, you need to compete internally first. What this means goes back to step one, stop looking at Instagram. When you try to stand up to people who are ahead of you, you will only fall further and further behind (in most cases).

Instead of doing this, you yesterday is your competition. The benefit of doing this is that you can’t lose or at least, it’s hard to, because you only have to do a little better today than you did yesterday and if you do this for long enough you’ll become an incredibly successful person in your own right.

It’s an incredibly simple way to measure your life, instead of measuring to someone else, if you could do 10 push ups a month ago and now you can do 20, this is 100% progress. If you try to compete with how many someone else can do then you’ll either have to compete with someone behind you to feel good about yourself or most likely, you’ll feel awful because you’re competing with someone 100 million yards in front of you. Finally, you can now atain less stress and more success.

What other steps have you learned? Share them in the comments.

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