Over the past three years I have instructed more than 20,000 students to success in various fields. At the same time I have built three separate businesses which are now automated, meaning that I can focus on doing what I love.

This includes writing books, building courses (as well as content) to add value to those who want to improve their life, building a content network around Motorsport and also creating software projects.

One of the largest of these new projects is Wheel Sports, which is a new Motorsport content service that started with a YouTube channel but is currently expanding into a full team to publish a website and app all around Motorsport.

The goal with my courses and focus over the coming years is to add as much value as possible to his readers and customers, while also creating courses advising others on how to add value and then turn this into revenue.

Over the years I have tried and failed at a lot of different businesses. The lesson I’ve learned from these that I want to bring to all of my current brands is that there are no shortcuts, adding the most possible value is the key to success. If you can bring a lot of value to a lot of people you will succeed.

This key mission is being highlighted universally across the brands that I am creating, be it Motorsport videos or courses teaching thousands of people how to grow their own businesses.

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