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Writing has been something that I’ve been doing for years, be it in blog form or larger articles. Over the course of two years, I wrote various articles for the [now defunct] and this gave me the idea to get my first book published, which was a collection of the most popular articles on the website. This book was called Automotive Arousal, and since then I have currently written another book which will be published later this year and I am working on two more in the coming 12-18 months.

The collection in this book have gotten a combined 1.9 million readers before DriveTribe, sadly, left this world. Bringing back memories and emotions of nostalgia for thousands. Allowing them a moment to get away from the rat race and fall back into their childhood. Us car lovers are no longer a rare breed, but a community of enthusiasts and this book was made for you.

Written over 3 years as a collection of articles about some of my favourite, as well as the most famous, classic cars. Those of us who love classic cars will understand this entirely. We’re obsessed and there is nothing better than a classic car to feel the road and break down in.

If you want a car that’ll just get you there, then buy a new one. If you want a car that even after it catches fire on the side of the road, leaving you stranded. Family crying. Money in Flames. However you’re still smiling. That’s a classic, that’s what we want and love. That is what you’ll find in this book!

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